Important: In case of strikes or natural problems we will try to give a possible solution and rearrange your programs, but keep in mind that all this is totally out of our hands.


It is committed to providing quality services and doing everything possible to ensure a satisfying travel experience. This includes the organization of transport, accommodation and excursions, as well as any other activities that have been agreed in the travel package. In addition, is committed to protecting the security of the passenger’s personal data.

Client Responsibilities:

The client undertakes to provide accurate and complete information to to ensure a satisfactory travel experience. In addition, the client must comply with all the rules and regulations of the tourist service providers, as well as with the local laws of the place of destination. The client also undertakes to protect the security of their personal data.

Reservations and Payments:

Reservations will be made once the travel package has been agreed. A deposit or full payment will be required before the start of the trip, as agreed between and the client. The agreed prices will be maintained as long as there are no changes to the agreed travel package.

Cancellations and Changes:

Any cancellation or change in the reservation must be notified to immediately. Additional charges will apply according to the cancellation policies of the corresponding tourist service provider. In the case of tickets to Machu Picchu, there are no refunds due to the regulations of the Peruvian state. In the case of trains, changes can be made, but returns are not accepted. For any change in transportation, it is necessary to notify 24 hours in advance.

Security of personal data: is committed to protecting the security of the passenger’s personal data. This includes protection against unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, disclosure or destruction of passenger personal data. uses adequate technical and organizational security measures to protect the passenger’s personal data.


It is strongly recommended that the client purchase adequate travel insurance before starting the trip. Is not responsible for additional costs incurred due to the lack of adequate insurance.


Is not responsible for damages, injuries or losses suffered by the client during the trip. Is not responsible for the services provided by third parties.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the local laws of the relevant jurisdiction.